NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Moctzal" from the forums


I'm at level 36 and I run:

Living Legend Tree:

1 pt First Strike

Max Shield Strike

Max Warrior's Heart

Max Shield Strike (spends two shield points per strike)

Super Soldier Tree:

1 pt Dynamic Charge

1 pt Heroic Charge

1 pt Athletic Leap

1 pt Encouraging Shout

Shield Slinger Tree:

1 pt Shield Throw

Max Shield Bounce

10 Quick Block (10 points, because that's where the block duration > cooldown)

1 pt Combat Veteran

1 pt Defensive Prowess

4 points left over at lvl 36, build should require 117 skill points assuming that skills max at lvl 20.

Control layout is like this:

Left click: First Strike

Right click: Shield Bounce, Shield Strike, Leaping Strike (Hotkeyed Q, W, R)

A: Encouraging Shout

S: Quick Block

D: Athletic Leap

F: Heroic Charge

G: Medkit

H: Fighting Spirit

E: Push to move

Shield Bounce for trash mobs/solo play, Shield Strike for survival challenges (Throwing the shield disables Quick Block), Leaping Strike for bosses.

During boss fights and survival challenges always keep up Quick Block, and remember that you can use both First Strike and Shield Strike for different debuffs on bosses, as each debuff lasts 5 seconds. I alternate between the three "Strike" skills during boss fights depending on my shield point situation.

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