Basic Commands[edit]

Command Action
Move Left-click on open ground.
Activate Power Left-click, right-click, A, S, D, F, G, or H.
(To stand in place while using powers, hold down SHIFT.)
Use Med Kit to Heal Press key associated with your Med Kits. (See Powers, below.)
Close UI Windows ESC or SPACEBAR
Quit Game ESC, then select Quit.

Interactions and Chat Commands[edit]

Command Action
Interact with NPC Left-click on NPC.
Invite Player to Party CTRL + left-click on player's avatar; OR type /partyinvite [AvatarName].
Leave Your Party Type /partyleave.
/ignore Adds a player to your ignore list. Type as /ignore [AvatarName].
/party Sends message to the party chat channel, allowing only your party-mates to see it.
/guild Sends a message to the guild chat channel, allowing only your guild-mates to see it.
/say Sends message to the default (local) chat channel, allowing all nearby players to see it.
/tell Sends a private message to another player. Type as /tell [AvatarName] [message], replacing the bracketed entries with the appropriate text.


Command Action
View Inventory I
Reveal Loot on Ground ALT
Slot Item Right-click on item in Inventory.
Buy Item from Vendor Right-click on item icon in vendor window.
Sell Item to Vendor Right-click on item icon in Inventory (when vendor window is open).
Advance Vendor or Crafter Rank ALT + right-click on item icon in Inventory (when vendor window is open).


Find new costumes for your heroes as loot or by purchasing them from the store (press X to visit the store). Upgrade your costumes at any crafter.


Command Action
View Power Groups P
Assign Power Drag power icon from its power group into your HUD.
Assign Med Kit Drag Med Kit icon from your inventory into your HUD.

Character Management[edit]

Command Action
View Character Sheet I
Slot Item Right-click on item in Inventory.
View Hero Roster T
Switch Active Character In Character Roster, left-click on character portrait then left-click SWITCH.


Command Action
Open Mission Log L
View Mission Objectives In Mission Log, left-click on mission in the left pane.
Toggle Map Mode TAB switches between the mini-map in the corner of your screen and a full-screen map mode.
Zoom Out Mini-Map Z, or click on the - button on your mini-map.
Zoom In Mini-Map M, or click on the + button on your mini-map.
Scroll Full-Screen Map Use arrow keys to scroll up, down, left, or right.
Use Portal or Waypoint Left-click on portal or waypoint.
Activate Bodyslider Click on the bodyslider button at the upper right of your screen (it looks like a house). This returns you to the last base you visited.

Character Emotes (Number Pad)[edit]

Command Action
0 Hello
1 Attack
2 Retreat
3 Help
4 Challenge
5 Come Here
6 Boast
7 Sarcasm
8 Thanks
9 Congratulations

Other Commands[edit]

Command Action
/exit Exits the game
/fps Toggles display of FPS stats.
/help Displays help on a single command or a list of all available commands,
/ping Displays network performance stats.
/unit Toggles display of detailed FPS stats.

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