Crafting in the Marvel Heroes Game

These are the costume cores for each character:

Hero Core
Black Panther Vibranium
Black Widow Vibranium
Cable X-Gene
Captain America Vibranium
Colossus X-Gene
Cyclops X-Gene
Daredevil Radioactive Isotope
Deadpool Adamantium
Hawkeye Vibranium
Hulk Radioactive Isotope
Iron Man Adamantium
Jean Grey M'Kraan Shard
Ms. Marvel M'Kraan Shard
Punisher Adamantium
Rocket Racoon M'Kraan Shard
Scarlet Witch Promethium
Spider-Man Radioactive Isotope
Storm X-Gene
Thing Radioactive Isotope
Thor Promethium
Wolverine Adamantium