Hank Pym, a crafter in Marvel Heroes

NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Infidelity" from the forums


This section details some basic questions that introduces you to the system of crafting, feel free to skip this if you've crafted before.

When can I start[edit]

You can start crafting as soon as you enter Chapter 1. A tutorial is available to you by talking to Wonder Man North of your starting point in Avengers Tower. He will instruct you to talk to Iron Fist and Valkyrie, who are located West of your starting point in Avengers Tower. You will then follow this by crafting two items per Wonder Man's request. More on this later.

Where can I craft[edit]

Crafting is available through the NPC Hank Pym at Avengers Tower in Chapters 1 through 4, and through the NPC Forge at X-Mansion in Chapters 5 through 7.

What materials are used for crafting?[edit]

Refer to Table 1 below

Table 1 - Crafting Elements[edit]

Crafting Particle Purpose of Crafting Particle
Alpha Changes the Rarity on Equipment
Unstable Changes the Rarity on Equipment
Gamma Changes the Rarity on Equipment
Nanotech Changes the Character Type for Epic Equipment
Pym Upgrades Costumes

How do I obtain more recipes[edit]

Recipes are obtained by "feeding" equipment to a Crafter (by dragging and dropping the equipment onto the beaker symbol located to the right of the Crafter's portrait), any equipment can be used to feed a Crafter, and the Crafter obtains experience based on the Sell Value of said equipment. In the current build of the game, there are three sets of recipes obtained at Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 of the Crafters respectively, and I'll discuss what level the recipes are obtained later. Also, leveling one Crafter levels both Crafters, similar to how leveling one type of Vendor will level all other Vendors of that one type.

How to Craft[edit]

This section details a step-by-step process on how to craft.

Speaking to the Crafter NPC?[edit]

Should be self-explanatory, but locate Hank Pym or Forge in their respective locations (indicated in I.b. above), and then left-click on the NPC to bring up a dialogue box with their store on the right, and your inventory on the left.

Selecting the Recipe[edit]

There is a slide-bar on the bottom-right-hand side of the Crafter's dialogue box, and it allows you to scroll through the list of recipes. The recipes are roughly listed in the order in which they are obtained (level of Crafter, that is), and is kind of a mess right now. The recipes from top to bottom are Medkit, Combining Elements, Disassembling Elements, Changing Rarity, Slotting Cores into Costumes and Adding Offense/Defense Affixes to Costumes.

Recipe requirements[edit]

The text underneath the selected recipe gives a brief description of the item, but after left-clicking the desired recipe, shaded boxes will appear on the top-right corner of the Crafter's dialogue box. Highlighting these boxes will indicate what the recipes need.

Inserting the Components[edit]

After selecting the recipe, and obtaining the required components, drag and drop the respective components into the correct shaded box with your Left Mouse Button.


Once all the boxes are filled in the top-right, click the illuminated *Create* button, and a progress bar will start to fill automatically. After the bar is filled, congratulations, your item has been created! Now you can drag and drop it back into your inventory, or right-click the created item.


This section details the recipes available, their unlocked level, and their required components. Disclaimer: This is a work-in-progress. I didn't bother writing down the recipes, so I'm just doing this by memory.

Healing Items...[edit]

There's only one healing item in the game right now, and they can be purchased at the Vendors for 25 Credits. I'm only including this for completeness, please don't spend your crafting components on this. Refer to Table 2 below.

Table 2 - Healing Item Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Crafter Level
SHIELD Medkit Any two (Tier 1) Crafting Particles Lv1

Combining Elements[edit]

This is what I personally spend the most time doing, since the materials are no longer stackable. These recipes allow you to take three of the same Crafting Particle, and creating a higher quality (referred in future recipes below as Tiers) version of that Particle. This allows you to save space, give the particle a nice new name and art, as well as providing the components necessary for some of the higher recipes. Refer to Table 3 below.

Table 3 - Combining Elements Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Reward Crafter Level
Create Primitive (Tier 2) Three Identical (Tier 1) Components One (Tier 2) Particle Lv1
Create Ordinary (Tier 3) Three Identical (Tier 2) Components One (Tier 3) Particle Lv1
Create Fundamental (Tier 4) Three Identical (Tier 3) Components One (Tier 4) Particle Lv3
Create Essential (Tier 5) Three Identical (Tier 4) Components One (Tier 5) Particle Lv3

Disassembling Elements[edit]

These recipes are the exact opposite of the ones shown in Table 3, and they break down your higher tiered components into three of the previous tiered components. Since it's a direct conversion, there's nothing wrong with combining all of your elements and then disassembling them as you need them. Refer to Table 4 below.

Table 4 - Disassembling Elements Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Reward Crafter Level
Split Primitive (Tier 2) One (Tier 2) Particle Three Identical (Tier 1) Components Lv2
Split Ordinary (Tier 3) One (Tier 3) Particle Three Identical (Tier 2) Components Lv2
Split Fundamental (Tier 4) One (Tier 4) Particle Three Identical (Tier 3) Components Lv3
Split Essential (Tier 5) One (Tier 5) Particle Three Identical (Tier 4) Components Lv3

Upgrading Rarity of Equipment[edit]

These recipes are interesting, although I haven't had much experience with playing with this system yet. It allows you to take any piece of equipment, and change the colour of its text, from White, to Green, to Blue, to Purple. From what I've seen, changing its colour adds one line of modifiers to the equipment. There is also the ability to take a Purple Equipment for another character, and changing that equip into one that fits your current character. Refer to Table 5 below.

Table 5 - Upgrading Equipment Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Reward Crafter Level
Upgrade to Uncommon One Common (White) Equipment,One (Tier 1) Alpha Particle,One (Tier 1) Gamma Particle,One (Tier 1) Unstable Particle One Uncommon (Green) Equipment Lv1
Upgrade to Rare One Uncommon (Green) Equipment,One (Tier 3) Alpha Particle,One (Tier 3) Gamma Particle,One (Tier 3) Unstable Particle One Rare (Blue) Equipment Lv1
Upgrade to Epic One Rare (Blue) Equipment,One (Tier 5) Alpha Particle,One (Tier 5) Gamma Particle,One (Tier 5) Unstable Particle One Epic (Purple) equipment Lv3
Equip Character Change One Epic (Purple) Equipment,One (Tier 5) Alpha Particle,One (Tier 5) Nanotech Particle specific to the character used Lv3

Slotting Cores[edit]

This is the one that most people have issues with, and can't figure out why they can't use Cores anymore. These recipes are unlocked at Lv2, and all have similar components required: a respective core, and two Tier 2 Pym Particles. There is also a recipe to remove the core from your Costume, although this should only be used when you want to swap Cores but use the same Costume, as this destroys your Core permanently. Another warning, swapping cores will also remove all other upgrades obtained on your Costume (I believe this is a glitch, and I've reported it). Refer to Table 6 below.

Table 6 - Core Slotting Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Reward Crafter Level
Slotting a Core One (Lv1) Character Costume,One Character Specific Core, Two (Tier 2) Pym Particles One (Lv5) Character Costume with Core Slotted Lv2
Unslotting a Core One (Lv5) Character Costume One (Lv1) Character Costume, no Core Slotted Lv2

Adding Affixes[edit]

This is the most changing addition to the crafting system, as it allows you to upgrade your costume further. After slotting a core, picking one of these two recipes allows you to add an additional stat modifier (referred to as affixes) to your costume. I've only tried this once, and it added like 13% Crit to my Spider-man's costume. Refer to Table 7 below.

Table 7 - Upgrading Costumes Recipes[edit]

Recipe Components Reward Crafter Level
Offensive Affix Added One (Lv5) Character Costume,Two (Tier 3) Pym Particles One (Lv10) Character Costume, Core Slotted,+1 Line of Offensive Stats Lv3
Defensive Affix Added One (Lv5) Character Costume,Two (Tier 3) Pym Particles One (Lv10) Character Costume,Core Slotted,+1 Line of Defensive Stats Lv3

How to Upgrade your Costume[edit]

This section details a step-by-step process of upgrading your costumes, as many people ask specifically how to do this.

Slotting a Core into your equipment[edit]

In order to slot a core into your equipment, you will need to acquire three things.

1. A Costume There are two ways to acquire the costume that you need for this recipe.

i. The first, and quickest is to purchase said costume from the in-game Micro-transaction (MTX) store using the default button X, or clicking the dollar symbol ($) at the bottom-left-hand side of your screen. This costs Gs, which in the Beta are distributed periodically (refer to my signature), and when the game goes Live, costs real money.

ii. The second way to obtain the costume is from defeating enemies, I have found costumes from both regular enemies and bosses, and they definitely seem to be more common when fighting bosses. Either way, they're rare enough that some people can go through the whole game without finding any.

iii. I know I said there are two ways, but if the above two are outside of your reach, every character has a default costume that they start with. You can left-click and drag this into your inventory and slot this costume as well.

2. A Core Cores are specific to your character, and can give a variety of boosts. Of course, you can find the basic ones like +damage, or +health. But there are more elaborate ones, such as I have one that gives +42% Rarity Increase for my Spider-man, and have two that increase the stats on the Power Grid to my Scarlet Witch (Yay, +1 Speed!). The best luck I've had with finding the Cores is when in a full party, clearing the Instanced Dungeons... for example, I had four or five people in my party, we killed Lady Deathstrike, and the chest that was behind her gave me three Cores. This has happened to me in multiple dungeons, so I don't believe this was a fluke. Refer to Table 8 below, and find a Core that matches your character.

Table 8 - Character Core Chart[edit]

Core Type Character
Adamantium Alloy Iron Man, Wolverine
Carbonadium Ingot Deadpool, Punisher
Cosmic Rays Human Torch, Rocket Raccoon, Thing
M'Kraan Shard Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Thor
Promethean Splinter Scarlet Witch
Radioactive Isotope Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-man
Secondary Mutation Colossus, Cyclops
Vibranium Ore Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye
X-Gene Storm

3. Two (Tier 2) Pym Particles There's not much advice I can give on this one. Just kill enemies, and pick up six (Tier 1) Pym Particles. You can also achieve this if you have been combining Particles like you should be, and Disassembling a (Tier 3) Pym Particle.

With the required components, just follow the instructions in the section II, and use the recipe shown in Table 5. If you have any issues, your costume must be in your inventory (I believe) before you can drag it into the Crafter. Once you complete this, your Core's stats will apply to your costume, and your costume will level up to Lv5. Mind you, that the Core's stats have a bit of variance, I believe my Core said 42% of Rarity Increase (RI), but I ended up with like 46% RI.

b. Upgrading your equipment There's a little bit of mystery involved with this thing, as I've only found enough Pym Particles to complete it once. So I'll share what I know. First, the required materials.

1. A Lv5 Costume If you followed the instructions in IV.a., you should have a Lv5 Costume. That's it, there's nothing else you can do to get this.

2. Two (Tier 3) Pym Particles Yikes, this takes awhile to do (although not nearly as bad as the Lv5's), that's three (Tier 1) for one (Tier 2), and three (Tier 2) for one (Tier 3). This means that you need to find a total of 18 (Tier 1) Pym Particles to proceed with this recipe. As mentioned above, there's nothing you can do except grind it out and pick them up.

At this point, you should be familiar with the crafting process, so I won't undermine your intelligence by repeating how to use the Recipe shown in Table 7. However, I will tell you that once you complete this recipe, your costume will level up to Lv10, and you will get a new stat line (similarly to increasing the rarity on your equipment).

c. Do I pick Offensive or Defense Affix? This is where you come in, readers! Since I will never be able to fully test this system out alone, please let me know what you receive from the Affix recipe. This decision is a little more crucial than the Cores: with the current build, once you apply an Offensive/Defensive Affix to your equipment, unslotting a Core will lower the potential of your Affix, and reslotting a new Core will make you lose your Affix.

1. Offensive Affix

Critical Rate - 12.7% (when removing my Core, this glitched to 11.9%) Freeze enemies on Basic Attack - 8 ~ 11% Increased attack speed - 10%

2. Defensive Affix

HP - 198 ~ 780

NOTE: Credit to this guide goes to user "Infidelity" from the forums