This page will have a complete list of all Artifact in the Marvel Heroes Game

This is a work in progress. Please add new artifacts that are not on the list as you discover them.

Click on each artifact to see stats and screenshots (if available)

Artifacts List[edit]

A.I.M. Robot Dispenser
Amulet of Agamotto
Amulet of Quiox
Atlantean Jewel
Bannertech Accelerator
Bannertech Force Field
Beta Particle Mini-Reactor
Blinding Brazier of Balthakk
Bloodstone Eagle
Bloodstone Eel
Bloodstone Jaguar
Bloodstone Lion
Bloodstone Mammoth
Bloodstone Porcupine
Bloodstone Raptor
Chthonic Idol‎
Circlet of Cyttorak‎
Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak
Crystal of Kadavus
Cyttorak Torch
Darkhold Scroll
Edge of Infinity
Embers of Balthakk
Fearsome Fist of Farallah
Flames of the Faltine
Grappling Hook
H.A.M.M.E.R. Ordnance
Hellfang of Zarathos
Idol of Khonshu
Infinity Formula
Ivory Idol of Ikonn
Ka-Zar's Pendant
Kree Hyper-Optics
Latverian Regalia
Maht's Arrowhead
Mark of the Odinborn
Mask of Doom
Metasensory Array
Mists of K'un Lun
Moonstone Shard
Neural Enhancer
Oculus Oroboros
Personal Arc Reactor
Phoenix Feather
Plandanium Graft‎
Power Prism Shard
Pym Growth Serum
Pym Shrinking Serum
Raptor Stone
Reactive Repulsor
Repulsor Field
Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr
Scrolls of Watoomb
Shi'ar Cloaking Device
SHIELD Motion Tracker
Skrull Targeting Computer
Smoke of Zarathos
Starktech Cybernetics
Starstone Tooth
Super-Soldier Serum
Talisman of Hoggoth
Terrigen Crystal
Tome of Oshtur
Tome of Zhered-Na
Verdant Vial of Vartorr‎
Vita-Ray Projector
Wicked Wand of Watoomb
Wungadore Clay
Xerogen Crystal
Yukio's Charm

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