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Iron Man Heartbreaker Armor Costume, one of the promotional skins for Iron Man

This page will gather and track all sources for Promo Keys for the Marvel Heroes Game

Promo codes are those given during giveaways, contests, etc. They give cool items such as costumes

New promotions will be added as they are discovered by the community, so bookmark this page and check often!

[edit] Promo Codes List

The table below has the list of all sources for Promo codes

If you find new ones, please add it to the table below. Do not add the keys themselves, as usually they are one time use.

Redeem keys at: (Login, go to "Profile" on the top right corner, then click on "Redeem Key")

Date (MM/DD/YY) Promotion/Link/Code Expiration Reward Notes
03/28/14 MHMGIFT EXPIRED Free Random Hero Hero is selected at random from all the 200-splinter or starter heroes.
04/03/14 INSTITUTE - Taskmaster's Mystery Box 1 x Credit Drop Boost 2 hours, 1 x Rarity Drop Boost 2 hours, 1 x Special Item Find Boost 2 hours.
04/04/14 RECRUIT - S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Preparedness Kit 1x Iridium Triple Boost, 1x Retcon, 1x Iridium Triple Rush
04/11/14 2XFUN - Triple Iridium Bars (x2) Awards 2 triple iridium bars to inventory
04/18/14 SPRCNDY - Spring Candy Boost Awards spring candy boost to inventory

[edit] Giveaways

Date (MM/DD/YY) Promotion Name (Link) Publisher Notes
01/06/14 Iron Man, Triple Iridium Boost, Fortune MK1 Giveaway CLOSED
02/01/14 28 Days of Marvel Heroes - Hero Pack Giveaway CLOSED
03/28/14 Marvel Madness Giftbox MHMGIFT
04/03/14 Taskmaster's Mystery Box INSTITUTE
04/04/14 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Preparedness Kit RECRUIT
04/11/14 Triple Iridium Bars (x2) 2XFUN
04/18/14 Easter Candy Boost SPRCNDY
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