Yukio's Charm which you get by finding hilt and blade in lowtown map
Maht's Arrowhead which you get from Bug Hunt

You can complete the following missions on each of your heroes to get the reward from it for each hero:

Chapter Mission Reward Notes
Chapter One: Tablet of Life and Time +75 to Max HP Pick up the tablet on the ground after defeating Dr. Octopus
Chapter Two: The Taskmaster's Lesson Rarity Boost Defeat Taskmaster
Chapter Two: Pursuing the Hood 3 power point Defeat The Hood
Chapter Three: The Lost Patrol Vendor Summon Find the Hydra outpost, free the prisoners from their jail cells and defeat Grim Reaper
Chapter Three: Snakes in the Grass +15 Max Spirit Find the poison glade and clear it
Chapter Three: Repel Brood Scouts Crafter Summon Clear out the Brood Scout Cavern in the Hidden Cove
Chapter Three: Go to Madripoor S.H.I.E.LD. Recon Post S.H.I.E.L.D. Motion Tracker Talk to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Woo
Chapter Three: The Muramasa Blade Yukio's Charm Find the hilt and blade in Low Town map
Chapter Four: Corruption in Blue Retcon Device Defeat Bullseye
Chapter Four: The Kingpin Falls 3 power point Defeat Kingpin
Chapter Five: Purification Crusade +150 Max HP Defeat Juggernaut
Chapter Six: Stryker Under Siege +15 Max Spirit Defeat Magneto
Chapter Seven: Little Lost Jungle Lord Ka-Zar's Pendant Finish Sauron's Cave
Chapter Seven: The Great Bug Hunt Maht's Arrowhead Hunt down the bugs required
Chapter Seven: Infestation Most Vile 3 power point Clear the S.H.I.E.L.D. Science Station
Chapter Seven: Mutate Genesis +150 Max HP Defeat Bonebreaker
Chapter Seven: A Sinister Plan Experience Boost Defeat Mr. Sinister
Chapter Eight: Smash HYDRA! +15 Max Spirit Defeat the required bosses
Chapter Nine: A Frosty Reception +3 Power Point Talk to Heimdall
Chapter Nine: Throne of Deceit +15 Max Spirit Defeat Loki

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