Move by left-clicking a location. If you hold the left mouse button or the W key, you'll move continuously in the direction of your pointer.


Click on enemies to attack them. Left-clicking activates the power assigned to your left mouse button, while right-clicking activates the power assigned to your right mouse button

Forced stop[edit]

To attack without accidentally moving, hold SHIFT when attacking. This is really useful with ranged attacks!

Forced move[edit]

To guarantee that you move to a specific location, hold CTRL when you left-click. You will move without attacking, even if you click on an enemy.

Tip: Hold down to attack continuously - You can hold down the mouse button to attack repeatedly.


SPIRIT Fuels Your Powers

The blue circle towards the bottom right of the screen shows your spirit, which represents your hero's inner store of energy. Most powers cost spirit to use.

Spirit replenishes over time, so you're never out of spirit for long. You can also pick up blue or purple orbs to replenish spirit.

Tip - Basic Powers are free

Powers marked as Basic Powers don't cost spirit.

Tip - Secondary resources

Some heroes have a Secondary resource, which is named differently for each hero. Secondary resources are automatically expended when appropriate to augment the effects of your powers. Examine your hero's power panel for more information about their Secondary resource.


HEALTH Keeps You Alive

The red circle towards the bottom left of the screen indicates your health, which represents how much damage your hero can take before being defeated.

Health does not replenish automatically, so be careful when you see the screen flashing red: your health is getting low! You can regain health by picking up red or purple orbs, or by using a S.H.I.E.L.D. Medkit.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Medkit[edit]

Medkits are extremely useful and will often save your life! Be sure to drag a medkit from your inventory to your action bar so you can quickly and easily use one in emergencies.


Defeated enemies often drop items that you can equip to improve your abilities.

Left-click an item to pick it up. If your inventory is full, you can't pick up more items until you clear some room.

Tip- Items are for you only

Items dropped by enemies or destroyed objects are only visible to you, so no other player can pick them up. However, if you later drop an item on the ground, it can thereafter be picked up by other players.

Show nearby items[edit]

Highlight all nearby items by holding down ALT.

Equipping Items[edit]

Most items must be equipped to provide any benefit. To open your inventory, left-click on the character icon on the bottom left of screen (it looks like a little person], or press I.

This panel shows your inventory as well as the items you've equipped in your equipment slots (at the top right, surrounding the portrait of your hero).

Mouse over an item in your inventory to see more details about it.

You can equip an item by right-clicking on it. This automatically equips the item in the correct slot. If another item already occupies that slot, equipping a new item moves the older item to your inventory

Most items require a minimum level to equip them. If the item has a red box around it, you can't equip it yet. Mouse over the item to see its minimum level.

Some items you find are only useful to other heroes. If an item is not equippable by your hero, its icon appears grayed out in your inventory

Mouse over the item to see which hero can equip that item.

Changing Costumes[edit]

Your hero starts with a costume that's familiar and iconic to that character, but there are many other costumes to choose from! You can ge more costumes either by finding them as rare drops from defeated enemies, or by purchasing them from the store. Press X to visit the store.

You equip a costume like any other item: just right-click on it, and it replaces your current costume (moving that costume to your inventory).

Buying/Selling/Donating Items[edit]


Visit an Armor Vendor or Weapon Vendor to buy new items for your hero. The vendor always offers items that your hero can use.

If you don't see anything in the vendor panel that you like, press the Refresh button to see a new selection of items. This is also necessary if you've switched heroes recently, because the vendor may offer you gear for your previous hero.


You can also sell unwanted items to vendors to earn credits. If you accidentally sell an item, you can recover it from the vendor's buyback tab.


Instead of selling unwanted items, you can donate them to a vendor or crafter. Donating items increases the rank of that vendor, allowing him to offer you items of better rarity (or in the case of a crafter, better recipes). Use ALT-right-click to donate an item quickly: but be careful, you can't take back a donation!

Vendor types[edit]

There are three crucial vendor types: Weapon Vendors, Armor Vendors, and Crafters. When you increase the rank of a vendor, all vendors of that type improve regardless of where they're located.

Storing Items[edit]

You can store an item in you S.T.A.S.H

Missions and Events[edit]

Your hero can receive a variety of missions that allow you to explore the story of the game. You can view your mission log by pressing L, or you can just follow crucial mission objectives by looking for a yellow arrow on the border of the screen.

You'll also encounter a variety of events, indicated by on-screen announcements and red arrows along the border of the screen. Events usually require the assistance of multiple heroes, so don't hesitate to jump in and help out!

Unlocking Powers[edit]

Every hero has a unique set of powers that you can see on the power panel. To open the power panel, click on the power icon on the bottom left of screen (it looks like a lightning bolt), or press P.

Mouse-over any power to see a description of it.

Your hero starts with only a few powers unlocked. You unlock more powers as you gain levels. Some powers don't unlock until you've unlocked a previous power, which is shown by an arrow connecting the two powers.

Before you can use a power, you must invest at least one power point into it. You earn power points each time you level. The number of points you have available is listed at the bottom of

the power panel.

You can invest a point in a power by pressing the + button next to the power. Once you've placed a single point in a power and left-clicked confirm, you can use it. You can put more points in a power to make it stronger.

If the + button is gray, you either don't have any available points, or you've invested the maximum allowed points in that power for your current level. Gain levels to be able to invest more points! Note that the most points you can place in a single power is 20.

When you invest in a new active power, be sure to drag it to your action bar so you can use it. Passive powers aren't assigned to the action bar; they're always in effect.

Some items give you bonus ranks to a power. These bonus ranks add to your current rank in that power.

Some items grant you the ability to use a specific power at a particular rank (if the granted rank is higher than your current rank in that power). This doesn't add to your current rank in that power.

Getting more Heroes[edit]

You can increase your roster of heroes in two ways.

  • Hero tokens occasionally drop as loot from defeated enemies; right-click on this token to add that hero to your roster.
  • You can purchase new heroes from the store. Press X to visit the store and check the Heroes tab.

Each hero you find or purchase starts at level 1 and gains levels independently from all your other heroes. XP is NOT shared across multiple heroes on your account.

Swapping Heroes[edit]

Open your roster by pressing T or left-clicking on the roster symbol on the bottom right (it looks like a group of people).

Here you can see every playable hero, with the ones you've unlocked highlighted. Heroes that aren't available yet are grayed out.

Double-left-click on the portrait of an available hero to change to that character.

If you take damage while swapping to another hero, the swap is cancelled and you'll have to try again.


You can CTRL-right-click other heroes to add them to your friends list or invite them to join your group. Once a player is in your group, right-click that character's portrait for more interaction options. You can see all nearby players, your friends, and ignored players via the social panel (the double-speech bubble button to the left of the screen or U). Right-click a player's name in the social panel for interaction options.


Your mini-map is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can toggle this to a full-screen map by pressing TAB.

Some areas of the game are large public zones, where large numbers of players can mingle and cooperate to handle big events. Other areas are small private instances, which are limited to you and the players in your group.


The Store is where you can buy more heroes, new costumes, or booster items that let you earn XP faster or find better items.

To check out the store, press X or left-click the green button on the bottom left of the screen.

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