The Stormraider Horse, one of the promotional mounts.

This page will gather and track all sources for Promo Keys for the Neverwinter MMORPG

Promo codes are those given during giveaways, contests, etc. Usually they give various cool items such as titles, potions, mounts, and more. It appears that if multiple sites share the same special promotional item (i.e. a title) but a different code block the code can still be redeemed but no reward will be gained.

New promotions will be added as they are discovered by the community, so bookmark this page and check often!

Promo Codes List[edit]

The table below has the list of all sources for Promo codes

If you find new ones, please add it to the table below. Do not add the keys themselves, as usually they are one time use.

Redeem keys at:

Date (MM/DD/YY) Promotion/Link Publisher Number of Keys Expiration Reward Notes
01/01/13 Twitter Giveaways: @NeverwinterGame and also Facebook Cryptic/PWE Ongoing Ongoing Various Many Giveaways are held in the official twitter and fb channel. Check often to see if there is any contest going on.
01/08/13 PC Gamer US issue #236: Neverwinter, plus an exclusive in-game item PC Gamer Magazine Unknown Ended (but codes found in magazine still work as of mid february -14 at least) Black Horse Mount (Stormraider Horse) or White Horse Mount Found in February Issue of PC Gamer: Each code gets one mount of the two types at random, and it is possible to end up with a duplicate
06/26/13 Free In-Game item (IGN Prime Paid Subscription Required) IGN Prime Unknown When keys run out Upstart Cleric Gift Pack Must have at least a one-month subscription to the the IGN Prime service to get key. To claim your pack in game, open your map while at Protector's Enclave, look for "Reward Claims Agent", and speak with him.
07/01/13 Neverwinter Giveaways: @NeverwinterGame Cryptic/PWE Ongoing Ongoing Various Many Giveaways are held on the official Neverwinter website. Check often to see if there is any giveaways going on.
08/02/13 Exclusive Pack Bragelonne / Milady // Limited Edition Bragelonne/Milady Collector Pack Bragelonne (physical bookstore in France) Unknown Keys available in store Title: Chronicler of Candlekeep ("Chroniqueur de Château-Suif") and ??? Pack (1 "large stone of care", 10k Experience Points, 5 Resurrection Scrolls, 25 Crafting Items, 10 Scrolls of Identification, 5 Portable Altars) Must go to a Bragelonne bookstore in France and purchase two Forgotten Realms novels by RA Salvatore to be issued key. Please visit store for more details.
08/05/13 "My first ZEN" Event
- (German)
- (French)
- (Italian)
- (Polish)
- (Turkish)
(de / fr / it / pl / tr )
Unknown After August 12, 2013 Starred Eyepatch and Defensive Potion Pack Must purchase at least 500 Zen for the first time via a non-English version of the Perfect World site and transfer to Neverwinter between August 5th and August 12, 2013 to be emailed key.

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