3,000-Degree Flames in New Pokemon Snap (NewPokemonSnap).

3,000-Degree Flames is part of the Research Requests in New Pokemon Snap.


Requested By[edit]


Flareon's flames can reach temperatures in the thousands. The NEO-ONE is fireproof, though, so go ahead and get some good shots of it!

Research Requests[edit]

  • Star the course, Fireflow Volcano Lv 2 or 3.
  • Going on through the cave entrance on level 2, look to the right and wait for the entrance tunnel to end.
  • Use Scan to find the alternate path here, leading toward the Blue Magma.
  • Enter into the Blue Magma room and look along the right-hand side.
  • You should be able to spot a Flareon easily wandering about.
  • Look to the left, behind the rock pillar dividing the room to spot the edge of Flareon.
  • Hit the Flareon with a Fluffruit to get it up.
  • It will head over to the right, where the Torkoal are.
  • Throw a few Fluffruit to the Flareon.
  • Wait for the Flareon to eat the first Fluffruit, and throw a second Fluffruit to them.
  • Watch the Flareon move to the second Fluffruit and it will roast the Fluffruit with Flamethrower.
  • Get a photo of the Flareon breathing Fire onto the Fluffruit for this request.