In the Tall Grass in New Pokemon Snap (NewPokemonSnap).

In the Tall Grass is part of the Research Requests in New Pokemon Snap.


Requested By[edit]


I think I heard a Pokémon crying around here. But where's it coming from?

Research Requests[edit]

  • Go forward through Founja Jungle Day Level 2, reaching the lake with the waterfall.
  • Look along the right-hand side of the area, looking into the numerous ferns of the area.
  • In the middle on the right-hand side is where you want to start searching.
  • Use the Scanner to find the mysterious Pokemon along the right-hand side.
  • There, you can start throwing the Fluffruit at the fern to draw out the hidden Sobble.
  • Just get a photo of Sobble after its walked out of the ferns, possibly eating the Fluffruit