The Old Clock in Nightmare of Decay (NightmareofDecay).

The Old Clock is a Puzzle, in The Old Clock.



  • The Grandfather clock is found on the second floor, nearby The Club Room.
  • Once you have The Clock Key from the Billiards Room, head over to the Clock
  • There is the Pool Cues, which gives the solution: 8:10
  • Approach the Clock and call up your Inventory.
  • Grab the The Clock Key then approach the Old Clock.
  • Interact with the Clock Face to open the cover over the clock's arms.
  • Interact with the Old Clock again after that again to get access to the hands of the clock.
  • Set the short Hour Hand to 8.
  • Set the long Minute hand to 2.
  • When the hands are set right, the casing over the pendulum will open.
  • Look to the bottom of this casing to find the Spade Key.