Your attacks can have various outcomes in Pillars of Eternity ("Project Eternity")

The term "Attack Resolution" refers to the outcome of your attack in Pillars of Eternity.


This is determined by an "Attack Roll" which looks at stats such as the attacker's accuracy and the defender's defenses.

Rather than just hitting or missing, your attacks can have various outcomes. Those outcomes are called "Attack Resolutions"

Depending on the result of the roll, one of the following outcomes can occur, in order of desirability:

  • Miss
  • Graze
  • Hit
  • Crit

A number between 1 and 100 is generated and added to the difference between Accuracy and defense to determine the attack results.

See tables below for complete details and outcomes:

Defense stat used[edit]

Attack Type Defense
direct melee and ranged attacks Deflection
Body system attacks like poison and disease Fortitude
AoE (Area of Effect) attacks Reflex
Mental Attacks Will

Outcome Table[edit]

Attack Roll Result Pic Effect
15 or less Miss PillarsofEternityMiss.jpg Attack misses completely: No damage or afflictions caused
16 to 50 Graze PillarsofEternityGraze.jpg Attack nearly misses the target. Does only 50% damage and duration.
51 to 100 Hit PillarsofEternityHit.jpg Attack hits the target and does normal damage and standard duration for status effects.
100 or more Crit PillarsofEternityCrit.jpg Critical hit: damage and duration of afflictions increased by 50%

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