This is a Cyclopedia Bestiary Entry from Pillars of Eternity

Monster Name: Cean Gwla


Cean Gwla are violent and confused spirits that have been unable or unwilling to move beyond the Shroud. More specifically, these are the spirits of women who die under particularly tragic or traumatic circumstances, hence the name "cean gwla," which translates to "blood mother." The popular image of the cean gwla as the spirit of a jilted lover has changed in recent years, as the effects of Waidwen's Legacy have become more widely known. With so many Hollowborn arising and a similarly steep rise in cean gwla sightings, many assume these spirits are linked to mothers who have died in childbirth. In reality, the Cean Gwla manifest just as readily from the spirits of women who perished in violent crime; or accidents, or those who led particularly violent lives.

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