This is a Cyclopedia Bestiary Entry from Pillars of Eternity

Monster Name: Delemgan


The delemgan are forest spirits of Eir Glanfath that are bound into ancient (often petrified) trees or adra monuments. They appear to have mostly elven-shaped bodies, but their skin is made of wood and their hair is long and plantlike (adragans appear to have skin made of adra). Delemgan glow slightly and often have tiny motes of light around them. They do not wear clothes, but lack sexual organs, as they only have the overall shape of humanoids. Delemgan are entirely magical beings and do not use physical weapons to attack. Their attractiveness is used in tandem with their magic, typically to stop attackers or lure them to their deaths.

These creatures draw their essence from their environments. While they have physical bodies and can be killed if those bodies are destroyed, their survival also depends on the health of their environment. They feel no natural animosity towards other beings, but they will defend their territories fiercely. Thus, delemgan and adragan ("adra-born") may individually be more or less hostile depending on the well-being of their locale, and on whether other explorers or adventurers have, in the past, proved dangerous or benign. They are a natural roadblock to large-scale development. While rural tribes in Eir Glanfath often live peacefully alongside them, expanding or developing cities and towns may find themselves beset by hostile delemgan. Some kith, too, oppose the destruction of delemgan habitats. City-dwellers generally support the notion, believing that their souls will simply reincarnate in other forests or back into kith.

Delemgan are traditionally friendly toward rangers and druids. Their spiritual link with trees has led to greater understanding of the link between rangers and their animal companions, though a definitive connection has yet to be made.