This is a Cyclopedia Bestiary Entry from Pillars of Eternity

Monster Name: Swamp Lurker


Lurkers are actually comprised of a colony of several different species of parasitic, carnivorous plants and fungi working together to hunt common prey. As a whole, they stand nearly ten feet tall in a vaguely anthropomorphic "body" comprised of vines, leaves, roots and earth. The coexistence of so many separate organisms can make them hard to eradicate, and it is usually best to sever the parts that enable locomotion or to simply light the entire colony on fire.

While the means by which lurkers form remains a bit of a mystery, some speculate that they form when certain species of flesh-eating plants come together on a common host, such as the hollowed victims of dank spores, and achieve locomotion once sufficiently strong. This theory is supported by the fact that many lurkers, when cut open, contain bones and other remains riddled with roots and spores.

Lurkers are notorious for hiding in plain sight, often waiting motionless amongst the trees and underbrush to ambush their prey. They appear to hold a rudimentary intelligence, and are at least sophisticated enough to store food. It is not uncommon to see several unconscious victims tangled in a lurker's vines, being saved for a later feeding.

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