Caravan Master Odema next to the campfire at the Encampment in Pillars of Eternity ("Project Eternity")

Odema is the leader of a Caravan in Pillars of Eternity.

Odema is one of the first NPCs you meet in the game.

He also has an assistant name Sparfel




The caravan master finishes addressing the group, his bushy red mustache and sagging jowls quivering as if for emphasis.

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The Gilded Vale
The Gilded Vale
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A Moment's Respite

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  • "Everybody stays close to the wagons, got it? Stay outta the woods, and Beasts take you if you were planning a stroll through those ruins up there." (He nods toward a looming black mass on the hillside.)
  • "Whole area's crawling with hut-dwelling types who'd be happy to stick an axe in you for trespassing. So mind that you don't track mud on their sacred blazing rocks."
  • "Tonight everybody stays put and in the morning we’ll get the path cleared. Gilded Vale's less than a day out. Understood?"
  • "Touch of the Rumbling Rot, could be. There's a stinging beetle 'round here, carries it. You'll be fine once it passes your innards. 'Less you don't drink water, course, which case you'll be dead in a day."
  • "There's a berry grows in these parts, small and pink. Calleda springberry. 'Bout the size of a fingernail. Give you cramps if you eat it, but the frontiersmen make a tea from it, calms the insides. Should get you through the night. You might check around, see if you can find some. Meanwhile I'll see if we can scare you up some water."
  • (Odema looks over his shoulder at his assistant, a lanky, intense man named Sparfel, who carries an old sun-bleached bow. )"I know you wanna hunt before it gets much darker, but see about refilling our water first. Got a sick one here." He nods in your direction.
  • "The Berries grow on a bush that's common 'round here. Kinda funny looking. You'll know it when you see it. Doubt you'd have to go far off the road to find one."
  • "These ruins are nothing you won't see on half the hills of Eir Glanfath. Money to be made selling their knickknacks in Defiance Bay, if you don't mind getting stuck with Glanfathan arrows now and again. They didn't build 'em but I'll be the Effigy if they don't watch 'em like a mother bear."
  • "The weather this time of year? Rain, mostly... and wind. But there's a different kind of wind out here, time to time. Locals call it a biawac. Born outta the ether - the spirits' path. Never seen it myself, never care to."
  • (About the huge rocks): "They don't got adra where you come from? Well, it just grows up outta the ground like this. Goes deep, like tree roots. Some of it all the way to the heart of the world, you believe the stories. It's more like a shell than a proper rock. Easier to work, if you're a mason. Got all kinds of strange properties. Seems to have some kind of life of its own. Dies if it gets dug up. Loses its luster. Folks think it probably grew at one point or another, but not these days. The soul butchers in Defiance Bay use it for different things. I've heard tell it can hold a man's soul, but I don't care to see it. Got enough to worry about without seeing something like that."
  • "Hold on. Take someone with you. I know you're not some helpless tenderfoot - not like most of this lot. But you drop dead I don't wanna be looking for the body. Got a schedule to keep." (He scans over the travelers, resting his eyes at length on a sturdy, armor-clad woman who has spent the journey's nights sleeping on uneven ground without blanket or pillow.)
  • "Calisca. Calisca! "
  • (To Calisca) "He needs to find some springberries. Watch that he doesn’t drop dead."
  • (To Calisca) "What kind of guide says something like that?."
  • "Off with you. Heodan should have supplies. See that you're equipped before you head out. We're in harsh country. Get your berries and hurry back. And if you get so much as a tickle of wind, you drop everything and you run. Something in the air tonight. If it's a biawac, we'll shelter in the ruins, hut-dwellers be damned."







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