Dengler at the Dracogen Inn in Dyrford Village in Pillars of Eternity ("Project Eternity")

Dengler is an Innkeeper in Pillars of Eternity.

Can be found behind the counter at the tavern of the Dracogen Inn.

You can talk to him to:


Dyrford Village
Dyrford Village
Dracogen Inn
Dracogen Inn


The innkeeper digs inside a mug with a dirty rag. His eyes under his thick brows are tired but watchful. He gives you a quick nod as you approach the bar. "Don't see many travelers these days. Somethin' I can do for you?"

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  • "We're decent folk. M'lord. 'Haps you should leave and check the wilds."
  • "Folk round here's decent. They mind their own business. You want to stick your nose in it, go talk to him yourself."
  • "Twitchy lady, that one." (referring to Nyfre)
  • "Walk from one bridge to the next and you've seen it. We're quiet, hardworking folk. We keep to ourselves and don't take to being pushed around."
  • "Used to be a castle here. Built by some family of Aedyran thayns back when the first came. Only one tower's still standing, and that's part of Trygil's shop now. Sid, that bard by the fire, could spin you the yarn if you're so inclined."
  • "Not many (live in Dyrford) anymore. Hard to keep people around when everyone here's birthing Hollowborn. But we got a few who stick around and do business. Trygil's the leather currier, Hendyna crafts potions, and Winfrith trades in general goods. Rumbald's a pig farmer... or was, anyway."
  • "Trygil's a currier. Treats leather and makes armor and a few other goods with it. Problem is, the smell of tallow and deer shit tends to put people off their food, and his shop's right next door."
  • "Hendyna's a clever hand with potions and poultices. Got herself into trouble with a nest of wurms, or so I hear. Her cart's on the east end of town."
  • "Winfrith's been around even longer than I have. Nice enough fellow but never could find his way to the end of a sentence. His shop's across the square."
  • "Damn ogre carried Rumbald's pigs off. Now, he squeals more'n his herd ever did. It is rotten luck."
  • "Course not, why would they come here:5 We got bandits on the road and an ogre in the forest, as that yapping fool Rumbald'll tell you. Worse yet, hasn't been a healthy child born here in over a year. Most kith that come here is just passing through."
  • "You don't hardly see 'em this close to town. Ogres and kith don't mix well. Ugly bastards, but they're smart enough to know that much.

"You want to know more, talk to Rumbald. His farm's southwest of here."