Lord Harond at the Dracogen Inn in Dyrford Village in Pillars of Eternity ("Project Eternity")

Lord Nestor Harond is an NPC in Pillars of Eternity.

Can be found behind the counter at the tavern of the Dracogen Inn in Dyrford Village

Comes from Defiance Bay

His daughter went missing while he stopped at Dyrford Village, and he is scouring the village looking for her.


Dyrford Village
Dyrford Village
Dracogen Inn
Dracogen Inn


The man wears Aedyre-style robes, simple but elegant. His fine leather shoes look like they were made for padding around indoors, yet they're caked with mud. He yanks at a lock of hair twined around his silk-gloved finger. His fine features are etched with anxiety.

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  • "I just want to find her. Surely even you can understand that"
  • "My child is out there! Do they not understand?"
  • "Beasts take them all! I don't care how you do it, but find her."
  • "Yes. Lady Aelys, my daughter, is missing."
  • "I've asked around, but nobody in this mudhole has any concerns beyond their swine. They turn my men away like beggars and seem downright pleased to be of no use. But you... you're not one of my soldiers. And you look like you're used to getting your hands dirty, if you don't mind my saying so."
  • "If you find her..." He nibbles the thumb of one silk glove. "Tell her I won't be upset with her. She can come back and all will be well. I just want to make sure my |Aelys - my child - is safe. Nothing in the world is more important to me."
  • "She's a striking young woman. Bears more resemblance to her mother than to me. She has auburn hair and delicate, well-bred features. She must be... oh, twenty-eight or twenty-nine now."
  • "We'd stopped in Dyrford for a few days. On our fourth evening here, I was making plans to continue our journey. Lady Aelys was feeling unwell and went to bed. When I retired a couple hours later, I found that she had vanished. None of my men had seen her go, and no one at the inn knew where she was. Since then, my people have been combing the village. But we've yet to find a clue, and the locals have been no help."
  • "It was merely a stop along the way to Eina's Rest. However, she took ill shortly before our arrival, so it seemed prudent to allow her a few days to recover."
  • "Lady Aelys has reached an age where it is... prudent for her to marry. Given this Legacy business, I can't let her fertile years slip by, nor do I want her womb to fester in the presence of so many Hollowborn."
  • "You think I haven't considered that (there would be more potential suitors in New Heomar or New Yarma)? Arranging a suitable match is difficult. The best prospects for my child lay in Eina's Rest."
  • "Lady Harond is ill-suited for travel, I'm afraid. And, unfortunately, Aelys has few other close relatives. My sister and her husband - Aelys' aunt and uncle, of course - have been visiting Aedyr these past months." He rubs his knuckles. "And as for siblings, Aelys has none. My wife has only given birth to Hollowborn. Since Aelys, that is."
  • "The Innkeeper is a petty, small-minded man. Just like the rest of them around here. I've been paying him an honest fee for board and bed, and yet he can't be bothered to stir himself to concern for my Aelys."
  • "People from these backwater villages take offense for sport. You have to but show up with a full coin purse, and they'll hear insults in the jingle of your step. They forget that Due Hadret came from the privileged classes, as did all of the other erls and lords who financed the rebellion they're so proud of."
  • "This is why I'm hoping you can help." He tugs at a lock of hair again. "I should have never trusted these people around my child."
  • "I'm Lord Nestor Harond of Defiance Bay. My family has been prominent there since imperial times. Our primary estate is on the outskirts of Brackenbury, but we have holdings in New Heomar, as well. Those went to my sister and her husband."