Sid near the fire at the Dracogen Inn in Dyrford Village in Pillars of Eternity ("Project Eternity")

Sid is a bard in Pillars of Eternity.

Can be found warming her hands near the fireplace in the Dyrford Tavern.

Talk to Sid to hear some lore about the history of Dyrford Village


Dyrford Village
Dyrford Village
Dracogen Inn
Dracogen Inn


A redhead stands by the fire, tuning her lute and plucking its strings. She hums snatches of a melody as she goes.

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  • "First time at the Dracogen? Normally. I'd have a song ready, but I haven't quite worked out this tune yet. I'm writing some chants about the foundings of this inn. Say. you interested in the story? I haven't finished the chants, but I could tell you about it all the same."
  • "It was built in the time of Hadret's rebellion. An Aedyran lady thaynu once had a keep here - one of the towers still stands, but the rest is said to be buried under the village. Anyway, she stuck to the side of the Empire, and a contingent of Due Hadret's Knights of the Crucible helped the farmers and colonists in the area turn her keep to rubble."
  • "Dyrwoodans are an ornery lot, and the more these new neighbors met, the more they argued. They realized they didn't agree on much beside ousting the old lord. The biggest divide was over the Glanfathans and their nearby ruins. Hadret's knights and their supporters wanted to keep the peace, but a group of misfits with more anarchic leanings that had formed in town wanted to go after the tribes the same way they'd gone after their lord. Soon, the villagers were fighting with each other as much as with the Aedyrans."
  • "In the end, memories of the Broken Stone War and the War of Black Trees were fresh enough that the due's soldiers won the day. Most of the other villagers came around eventually, but some of the core troublemakers left to join the front lines of the War of Defiance, and others, I've heard, found their way into the Guided Compass, the most forward-looking of the Glanfathan tribes. I don't know if I believe that part myself, but it makes a good story."
  • "There's a portrait of one of the chief rabble-rousers and his rival in the peacekeeping faction. Someone's idea of a joke. I don't think they were particularly amused."
  • "The War of Black Trees started back in the colonial days, almost thirty years after the Broken Stone War. Even though isolated conflicts still broke out between the settlers and the Glanfathans, both sides had officially agreed to peace. Edrang Hadret, Admeth's father, was gref at the time. As part of peace negotiations, he'd signed treaties prohibiting Aedyran colonists from looting Engwithan ruins. However, he'd been unable to outlaw the use of captured Glanfathans as slaves."
  • "A gref is the governor of a colony and is subservient to the Aedyran emperor. The early leaders of the Aedyre colony in the Dyrwood, including Edrang and Admeth Hadret, were grefs. At the start of the War of Defiance, Admeth Hadret declared himself due of an independent Dyrwood rather than gref of the emperor's colony. It was the same term used for leaders of the newly-independent Vailian Republics. Anyway, we haven't had a gref since."
  • "Indeed. The taking of Glanfathan slaves had continued to be a source of conflict. It came to a head when imperial agents, aided by certain erls in the Dyrwood, began looting the ruins again. See, the Empire had never actually agreed to Hadret's treaties on the matter, and the recent secession of the Vailian Republics likely left them eager to weaken Hadret's position."
  • "The looting sparked a brutal slave uprising and a guerrilla campaign among the Glanfathans. Edrang Hadret was too old to lead forces into battle, and so he sent his son, Admeth. Admeth made a costly but effective decision that ended the war faster than anyone could have imagined. He burned the forest near the Isce Ien River to keep the Glanfathan war bands from retreating."
  • "Thousands of Glanfathans died, and as Admeth repeated his scorched earth tactics in the following months, he wore down the remainder of their forces. To this day, over one hundred fifty years later, there are still sections of the Dyrwood where the trees are nothing but bare, charred trunks."
  • "As you can see, Dyrwood's full of history, even in little villages like this."
  • "The Broken Stone War was the first major conflict between the original Aedyran settlers and the Glanfathans. Happened three years into colonization when some farmers knocked over an adra menhir that was part of an Engwithan ruin. The war didn't last long, but it spread quickly and claimed thousands. In the early weeks, most of the colonists didn't even realize there was a war going on until the Glanfathan raiders hit their villages."
  • "There'd been small, spontaneous skirmishes between the colonists and the locals before then, but this was organized. And it was the start of decades of violence between the colonists and the Glanfathans."