Play is an experimental game created by Andrea Pignataro Productions.

Game's description[edit]


The secret life of a traffic light

No explanations or instructions are needed to understand how to play.

Ok... ok. If you insist.

Just use your mouse.

Click with it, I mean. At the right time.

And move it. To run faster.

Beware of the lights. They're usually attached to a car.

That's it.

Oh, that thing with the hi-score, well... better be a big number.

Properly concocted instructions[edit]

  • Click with the left mouse button to start or pause the green man walk.
  • When the light gets brighter, the car gets nearer. In that case, pause the walk and wait for the light to disappear.
  • Every step adds a point to the score.
  • Moving the cursor makes the man walk faster.
  • Sometimes the green man walking can stumble when blinded by the bright lights. If you click on play and he suddenly stops, QUICK click again!
  • If you get hit by a car, don't despair: you can immediately restart the game clicking on the green arrowed circle!
  • Your boring real life can be reached again pressing the "Esc" key.
  • Remember: Aim to the highest score ever! And ever.

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