PU Battlegrounds Keybinds - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Wiki

These are the default keyboard shortcuts for the game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Can be changed from the options menu by going to the "control" tab.


Command Key
Movement W/A/S/D/
Sprint L-Shift
Jump Space Bar
Crouch C
Prone Z
Interact F
Toggle Camera V
Autorun =/Num Lock
Free Look L-ALT


Command Key
Fire LMB
Targeting RMB
Reload R
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 1 1
Primary Weapon 2 2
Side Arm 3
Melee Weapon 4
Throwables 5
Firing Mode B
Increase Zeroing Page Up
Decrease Zeroing Page Down
Peek Left Q
Peek Right E
Unarm X
Hold Breath L-SHIFT
Use Grenade G
Use Flash Bang
Use Smoke Bomb
Use Molotov


Command Key
Use MedKit 7
Use FirstAid 8
Use Bandage 9
Use Boost Item 0

Driving in PUBattlegrounds[edit]

Command Key
Movement W/A/S/D/
Air Control Pitch Up Space Bar
Air Control Pitch Down L-CTRL
Air Control Roll Right E
Air Control Roll Left Q
Vehicle Seats 1-5 CTRL+1-5
Handbrake Spacebar
Boost Left Shift
Horn LMB


Command Key
Swim Up Space Bar
Swim Down C


Command Key
Map M
Inventory I/Tab
Item Quantity Control L-CTRL
Toggle UI CTRL+U
Delete My Marker Delete
Toggle Option O


Command Key
Push to Talk T
Mute Voice Chat CTRL+T
Mute Master Volume CTRL+M
Switch Voice Channel CTRL+Y

Team Spectator Mode[edit]

Command Key
Previous Player Page Down
Next Player Page Up


Command Key
FollowCamZoomIn Mouse Wheel Up
FollowCamZoomOut Mouse Wheel Down
Free Cam Move Up E
Free Cam Move Down Q
Increase Camera Speed L-SHIFT
Decrease Camera Speed L-CTRL
Toggle Player Tag H
Toggle Player Tag Weapon J
Toggle X-Ray X
Save Positions 1-10 CTRL+F1-F10
Move to Saved Positions 1-10 F1-F10
Save Players 1-10 CTRL+1-10
Spectate Saved Players 1-10 1-10
Follow Saved Players 1-10 ALT 1-10
Spectator Cam LMB/V
Follow Cam RMB/C
Free Cam Space Bar/F

Custom Keybinds[edit]

  • By default, Crouching in player unknown battlegrounds is assigned to "C". Many players like to change to to CTRL instead.
  • Some like to change Prone in Battleground to "V"