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These are some Beginner tips for new players in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

PUBG Beginner Tips[edit]

  • Use map markers by right clicking on the map, they tend to help me when finding areas
  • 4x scope is ideal for rifles if you find one, 8x and above really should only be used on snipers in my opinion
  • Loot is totally random and it's luck of the draw, hopefully you find a house with a rifle before the other guy :)
  • SIlenced SMG is frigging deadly, I love using it so don't dismiss it right away
  • Hot keys in PU Battleground: 5 to swap through your grenades, 6-9 for healing
  • I think cars are death traps personally, too loud and can easily get shot out of them
  • Gas moves fast, can survive awhile in the first wave or two but past that avoid it at all costs
  • Don't get stuck in battles or looting too long if the gas is approaching, you can easily lose track of time by trying to shoot someone off in the distance. Even if you get a kill it's not worth it if you die to the gas
  • Keep an eye out for open doors when moving to a new location, open doors indicate the place having already been looted. Additionally, if there's a bunch of open doors and then one or two buildings with closed doors, I'd avoid that too since that's a sign that someone is holed up there usually.
  • You very rarely need to have an AR on auto/burst in player unknown battlegrounds. You can control it a lot better with single shots.
  • Unless you're looking for a fight, avoid hotspots like the power-plant, military base, airfields, anywhere with shipping containers, gun-range... You'll pick up a few more as you play.
  • Alternatively, head for hot-spots straight out of the plane, you may die quickly however it can invaluable practice for your shooting and peaking skills.
  • Close at least the outside doors in a building when you enter, it will allow you to hear anyone entering easier.
  • Remember that at about roughly 100-150 meters that the grass you're lying down in and have full cover in doesn't show on their client. To them you're prone in a field in clear view.
  • Use Ctrl as well as movement to slowly move and produce less audio.
  • Grenades and smokes are your best friend, be sure to carry some with you to clear a building or provide cover when moving in an open field, especially later on.
  • Each small white square on the map is apparently 100m. Remember this when zeroing your scope, rather than having to rely on aiming above the target.
  • Don't fire unless you're 100% certain you're going to get a hit or a kill. Doing so will more than likely give away your position to others nearby and they'll camp you out.
  • If you're really low on ammo/health items, you could attempt to camp in a building where you think people will come and check. Close all the doors behind you, try not to loot anything unless you really need it. It'll give the impression that nobody has been here and they'll proceed to spend a bit of time looting and looking and be unaware of your presence until they open the door you're behind and you riddle them with bullets.
  • You don't need nearly as much ammo/healing items/grenades as you think. 150-200 rounds in reserve for your primary is enough for assault rifles and SMGs. For the double barrel and pump action shotgun, a total of 20 shells is I'll you'll really need. For the semi auto shotgun (which can take a silencer), have 30 shells. For sniper rifles, I usually don't keep more than 60 rounds. For healing items, 3-5 first aid kits, 10 bandages (take 20 of youh have less than 2 first aid kits), and no more than 5 pain killers and 8 energy drinks. You will likely only need 1 med kit, so don't waste space or ditch other items trying to take more than 1. For grenades, no more than 3 frags and no more than 2 smokes or a smoke and a flashbang. I find I rarely am in situations that need a grenade and smoke grenades are particularly shitty and unreliable. Oh and Molotovs are borderline useless.
  • Don't hoard attachments. Once you have your two primaries kitted out fully, and you don't plan on replacing one (like you plan on getting rid of your shotgun if you find an SMG), drop any extra attachments you have. The only exception would be keeping a 4x to replace the 8x on your long range weapon when the circle shrinks or to put it on your close/mid range weapon to give it more range if you're in an open area.
  • Always pick up a pan. It blocks 100% of damage and covers a good sized area of your back side. Everyone who has played for a little while has been saved by a pan.
  • Grab a gas can. Vehicles spawn with variable amounts of fuel, so you might be in a situation where the first car you find only has a quarter tank. You can always ditch the can if you find a car with a full tank or don't need a car or if you are hurting for inventory space.
  • The point of PUBattlegrounds is to be the last one alive, not the one with the most kills. Those sound similar but are quite different. Ignorant people will scoff at camping, but it is the most viable strategy the majority of the time. The longer you sit in a location with no obvious signs you are there (i.e. open doors or a near by car that's not at a natural point), the less likely someone knows you're there. In addition to that, don't shoot at everything that moves. Distant targets are hard to hit, even more so when they are moving. Don't try and kill someone a kilometer away unless you're reasonably certain no one else is around. In addition, use the snipers golden rule: never take multiple shots without changing position. The more shots you take, the easier it will be for someone to locate you, so find a new hiding spot. Doesn't have to be too far away. Changing buildings could be enough. Finally, don't be afraid to cut your losses and run. If an enemy knows you're there and they have a positional advantage and you aren't confident you could win that fight, run away or otherwise reposition if you think you can do so safely. Disappearing on someone who's hunting you can make them paranoid and cause them to make bad decisions.
  • Be weary of supply drops. They are bullet magnets. Try and remember the flight path of the plane and use that and how far from it you are to decide how likely it is other players will be close enough to attempt to loot it. If you're far from others, try going for it but be cautious. If it's a more populated area, just watch for people going to loot it. There could be several others doing the same waiting for someone to get greedy. If you do go loot a drop, be quick about it. Finally, if the drop has been there for a while or otherwise has evidence of already being looted (an abandoned vehicle or dead player loot boxes) go check it out. You might find some decent gear left behind by the person who looted it or off the dead bodies of people killed going for it. If you're really lucky, is possible no one looted it.
  • You need to lead your targets, unfortunately, with the way servers are at the minute, this can be different from one game to the next with the same weapon, however once you get a rough idea of how much you need to lead your shot, if you miss you can quickly re-adjust.
  • The Kark98 sniper looks like a shotgun when just glancing past it. If you like to use a sniper, double check shotguns as you run past.
  • Never use a car unless its absolutely necessary imo. They give away too much sound.
  • You're more likely to get kills if you camp the supply drop. You're more likely to get killed if you go for the supply. Not saying it's not worth going to, however people usually do like camping it.
  • Not sure if it's too obvious or not, but you can use default alt, to free look around you in any direction. Useful if you want to camp a window without being spotted so you can go prone under it.
  • You can jump roughly 2 stories without taking any fall damage. This is especially useful knowing if you're in an apartment block and you want a quick escape since there's only one set of middle stairs yet lots of windows.
  • In the plane, mark a decent drop site as far away as you think you can make, jump fly as far away from the plane as you can. You Further you go, less people you have a chance of running into.
  • On decent, especially if your plan is to be at one of the far corners of the map, keep an eye out for a vehicle and possibly drop on it then drive to your location, or even further out.
  • If you have a vehicle, the you can pretty much loot anywhere on the map for about ~7 minutes safely, since the first blue circle takes a long long time to come in, and then you have the vehicle to move out with.
  • Count 6 bullets for an AR to kill someone, if you think you don't have the time to hit 6, be sure you can be safe before engaging.
  • Use up your bandages first to reach 75% health, rather than first aid kits if you can and have the time. Those first aid kits are super super useful for a quick health jump in a fire-fight.
  • Energy drinks and painkillers will heal you over 75% health and if used enough provide a buff to stamina or something and holding your breath I think. Try to use them in later stages of the game to get yourself to 100% and maybe have an advantage over someone else at 75%.
  • Find a mouse sensitivity and DPI setting that works for you, for this game. You'll want one (providing you don't have a mouse with a DPI switch that allows multiple settings) that isn't so fast that if you have to twitch shoot someone you don't over-aim them and one that's not so slow that you cant effectively scan/spin around at a decent rate.
  • Drag and drop in inventory skips character animation for now.
  • When parachuting, being at a speed of 234 km/h during freefall gives you a speed boost for the first 2 seconds when you open the parachute.
  • if you want to learn the map
  • kar98 is the only sniper you can loot in the wild (I don't really consider SKS as a sniper). For better snipers, you'll have to go for airdrops.
  • Airdrops begin at ~3:00 in the game and spawn exclusive weapons/attachements (AWM & M24 for snipers, TommyGun and M249 for machines guns, Scope x15, adrenaline seryng)
  • When in water, you can't take damage from bullets
  • You can fall from 2nd stair and not take fall damage
  • The redbull and painkiller fill a gauge above your health bar. The more this orange gauge is filled, the more bonuses you get : 25% sprint speed, healing over time, 35% sprint speed.
  • When you put your weapon in your back, you run 6% faster
  • If you do have to fist someone to death, jumping and punching does a lot more damage than standing and punching.
  • When you open a door you always push it open. So if you see a house with the door hanging on the outside, ie. someone inside pushed it open; it means they've probably left the house.
  • Crouching in bushes is usually a better option than hiding behind a tree. I tend to stay in the bush until I spot an enemy then move to a nearby tree for cover before I start shooting.
  • Don't mute voice chat. You will occasionally hear an enemy squad that chats in game with their voice setting as 'all'.
  • All vehicles spawn facing east. If it doesn't face East a player has definitely moved it.
  • When the circle is fairly tight try to put yourself in a position where you are absolutely certain no one is behind you. This is usually done by hiding in the white and watching as the blue eliminates hiding spots behind you. Having one less spot where people can come up on you is very useful in those tense last moments. This can give you the confidence to move up aggressively or to wait in an area where you are only exposed to the rear.
  • Don't be afraid to use that shotgun to about a 50m range. They're not like in other games where the bullets start moving 100% vertically at anything more than a 5m range.
  • If you're in a duo/squad, communication is key. Try stating where the enemy is, and all or at least 2 of your team having eyes on them before shooting.
  • Again, if in duo/squad, don't be afraid to split up somewhat. Don't camp the same buildings, allow for you to be able to flank an enemy if they come close to another team mate.
  • Reshade (a third party program) will allow you to alter settings like how vibrant the game is and how sharp or blurry among lots of other things at a minimal FPS loss. I'd recommend installing it and following some of the guides on what settings seem to work best. This can help with spotting enemies and it's totally 100% allowed, stated by PU himself I think.
  • T3 armor ~= 1 more hit to die than T2 and T1 from AR.
  • T2 and T1 armor ~= 1 more hit to die than nothing from AR.
  • The pan can block bullets, so it's good to have one equipped as a melee weapon.
  • In squads never ever move away and clear a compound by yourself. Even if your team is only 20m away you'll still be screwed if another squad is there. Plus your squad will be justifiably annoyed with you.
  • you can glide 2 full (big) squares (2 kilometers) from the plane if you pull the chute early and tap W to your destination - without pulling early its 1,5 squares (1.5km)


  • Many of these tips were taken from the PU Battlegrounds reddit

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