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The S1897 is a Weapon (Shotgun) in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.


An American shotgun from Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

This Shotgun uses 12-Gauge rounds.

PUBG S1897 Attachments[edit]

  • Bullet Loops for S1897, S686
  • Choke for S1897, S686

PUBG S1897 Stats[edit]

Property Value
Initial Bullet Speed 360
Damage 25
Body Hit Impact Power 5,000
Zero-Range 25-25
Ammo/Mag 5
Shot Count 9
Time Between Shots 0.750s
Firing Modes Single
Spread 5.5
Recoil Speed 60.0


Property Value
Reload Method One by One
Ammunition 12 Gauge
Reload Duration (Full) 4.210s
Reload Duration (Single Bullet Initial) 0.0635
Reload Duration (Single Bullet Repeat) 0.7155


Armor Level Damage Type Damage Amount
Level 0 Body Damage 100
Level 1 Body Damage 92
Level 2 Body Damage 85
Level 3 Body Damage 75
Level 0 Headshot Damage 200
Level 1 Headshot Damage 184
Level 2 Headshot Damage 170
Level 3 Headshot Damage 150


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The S1897 Shotgun has the lowest effective range out of all the shotguns, but that's not too significant since shotguns are made for closer range anyway.
  • Great for clearing buildings


  • This weapon is based on the Winchester Model 1897 (Model 97/M97/Trench Gun) made in America.

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