Corsola in Pokemon Go.

Corsola is a Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Corsola is a regional Pokemon. Most suspect that it exists only in a particular band of the world. It could be a seasonal Pokemon. It looks in the Subtropical band around the world. This means that Corsola can be found between 30° and 30°.


Corsola's branches glitter very beautifully in seven colors when they catch sunlight. If any branch breaks off, this Pokémon grows it back in just one night.



Stat Value
Hit Points 110
Attack 118
Defense 156
Max CP 1214
Capture Rate 0%
Flee Rate 0%



Primary Moves[edit]

Attack Type Power Energy Gained Duration
Tackle Normal 10 5 1
Bubble Water 15 12 1.7

Special Moves[edit]

Name Type Power Gauges/Bars Critical Chance Duration
Bubble Beam Water 45 2 5% 1.9
Power Gem Rock 80 2 5% 2.9
Rock Blast Rock 45 2 5% 2.1

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