Fast Attacks in Pokemon Go.

Fast attacks or standard attacks are executed by tapping on your phone's screen. All moves are damaging but none of them have any secondary effects.

This attacks can benefit from Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) which increases the damage of move by 1.5x when it is used by a Pokemon that is the same type.

Name Type Damage
Acid Poison 10
Bite Dark 6
Bubble Water 15
Bug Bite Bug 6
Bullet Punch Steel 10
Confusion Psychic 12
Cut Normal 12
Dragon Breath Dragon 6
Ember Fire 10
Feint Attack Dark 12
Fire Fang Fire 7
Frost Breath Ice 12
Fury Cutter Bug 3
Ice Shard Ice 10
Karate Chop Fighting 6
Lick Ghost 10
Low Kick Fighting 5
Metal Claw Steel 12
Mud Shot Ground 12
Mud Slap Ground 6
Peck Flying 10
Poison Jab Poison 15
Poison Sting Poison 6
Pound Normal 8
Psycho Cut Psychic 15
Quick Attack Normal 10
Razor Leaf Grass 15
Rock Smash Fighting 5
Rock Throw Rock 12
Scratch Normal 10
Shadow Claw Ghost 16
Spark Electric 7
Steel Wing Steel 15
Sucker Punch Dark 7
Thunder Shock Electric 5
Vine Whip Grass 10
Water Gun Water 10
Wing Attack Flying 12
Zen Headbutt Psychic 15

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