Party Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Party Pikachu is an Event Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


February 26th, 2017 - March 6th, 2017 10am PST


Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. If you come across a blackened berry, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge.



Stat Value
Hit Points 70
Attack 112
Defense 101
Max CP 811
Capture Rate 16%
Flee Rate 10%


Party Pikachu
50 Candy -> PokemonGoFestiveRaichu.jpg
Festive Raichu

Primary Moves[edit]

Attack Type Power Energy Gained Duration
Thunder Shock Electric 5 7 0.6s
Quick Attack Normal 10 7 1.33s

Special Moves[edit]

Name Type Power Gauges/Bars Critical Chance Duration
Discharge Electric 40 3 5% 3.9 sec
Thunder Electric 100 1 5% 4.3 sec
Thunderbolt Electric 55 2 5% 2.7 sec

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