Poptropica Promo Codes might give you all sorts of prizes, such as this Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi Prize Card

This page could gather all the promo codes for the game Poptropica.

Bookmark this page and check often, as new Poptropica codes can be added anytime they are found, and will expire shortly after!

If you find a new code not in the list below, please add it. Also if a code is listed as active and but it has expired, please change the status.

How to redeem Poptropica Promo Codes[edit]

1) Go to the store (Icon should be on top right of the screen)

2) Enter code where it says "Promo Code"

3) Prize will be added to your inventory. Or, if code is already expired, it will tell you "Sorry, This code might of expired." If you entered the code incorrectly, it will tell you "That code is invalid. Please try again."

Poptropica Promo Codes List[edit]

Number Code Prize Status
1 timmy 50 Free Credit Active
2 GHDBOOK Galactic Hot Dogs Costume with Jetpack active
3 POPANYWHERE Poptropica tablet & phone active
4 BURRITO Sr Burrito Card active