Master Rajivari from SW:TOR.

Master Rajivari is an NPC in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He is a Human Jedi Master and one of the founders of the Jedi Order.

Master Rajivari betrayed the Jedi Order and turned into the dark side.

Master Rajivari is long dead, but you must save his holoprojector from destruction after the Flesh Raiders launched an attack on the Jedi Training Grounds in The Gnarls. It turns out Nalen Raloch is in possession of the holoprojector.




The Gnarls
The Gnarls

Related Missions[edit]

The Path of a Jedi
The Path of a Jedi


  • "Hear me, I have left true wisdom behind. For those who follow where the first blade points, from the sanctuary of the order, all else is fleeting..."

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