Master Ters from SW:TOR. You are sent by Master Yuon Par to save the holoprojector from being destroyed.

Master Ters ("Ters Sendon") is an NPC in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He is a Zabrak Jedi Master and one of the founders of the Jedi Order

Master Ters believed the Jedi need to safeguard knowledge, history, and secrets, so that they can be shared with future generations.

Master Ters is long dead, but you interact with the hologram that contains his teachings, and must save his holoprojector from destruction after the Flesh Raiders launched an attack on the Jedi Training Grounds in The Gnarls




The Gnarls
The Gnarls

Related Missions[edit]

The Path of a Jedi
The Path of a Jedi


  • "I saw us becoming guardians of knowledge and secrets. We Jedi would safeguard the wisdom of the Galaxy"

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