Axe Beak in Secret of Mana.

Axe Beak is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 2800
MP 99
Type Bird


Rewards Value
EXP 27784
GP 20400
  • Drops
    • Javelin Orb

Fighting Axe Beak[edit]

  • Axe Beak is weak to Undine magic.
  • It can cast Fireball and Fire Bouquet.
  • It also has the abilities: Sonic Pulse, doing low damage, and Sleep Gas, knocking out those affected.
  • Axe Beak is a fairly mobile foe, moving around a lot.
  • It will jump onto the platforms in the upper left, upper right, and jump down to the lower area where you started.
  • This make it difficult to hit with melee weapons, which should like get Ice Saber cast on them.
  • Favor magic once again, using your weapons as best you can.


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