Blue Spike in Secret of Mana.

Blue Spike is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1980
MP 99
Type Beast
  • Weak to Salamando.
  • Can cast Fire Bouquet, Fireball lv. 6
  • Acid Bubbles, Moogle Glare, unique attacks: inflicting poison and Moogle.
  • Frequently jumps between the platforms on the sides.

Fighting the Blue Spike[edit]

  • Blue Spike will come crashing down in the middle of the room, attacking the party.
  • Cast Analyze to learn the HP/MP and Weakness of Blue Spike.
  • The Blue Spike will jump up onto either of the pillars on the sides of the arena.
  • While on the floor, it can ball itself up and bounce around in a small area, doing heavy damage to everyone around it.
  • Will attempt to jump into the air and then land on party members who are nearby its landing zones.
  • Use your Bow, Javelin, or other ranged weapons to hit the boss.
  • Use Flame Saber on the whole party to increase their damage against Blue Spike.
  • After that, use Fireball, Exploder, Blaze Wall or Fire Bouquet to do damage.
  • Favor magic over physical attacks while the Blue Spike is on the platforms.
  • It can also regenerate its head once, so this is a long fight, with essentially a 4000 HP boss.
  • Defeating this boss will give the party an orb: Boomerang


Rewards Value
EXP 9150
GP 3840
  • Drops
    • Boomerang Orb


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