Boreal Face in Secret of Mana.

Boreal Face is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1100
MP 12
Type Plant

Fighting Boreal Face[edit]

  • Releases Bramblers to hunt the party members.
  • Can launching exploding pumpkins from its mouth.
  • This fight very much mirrors the Tropicallo fight in the Dwarf Village.
  • While Boreal Face is in its shell, it will be invulnerable to damage from weapons, but magic can hurt it still.
  • Your party should focus on using melee weapons against Boreal Face since it can be difficult to hit with magic.
  • Use any attacks spells that you have at Lv. 3 when you can to do moderate damage to the Boss.
  • Cast any spells on it while Boreal Face is still in its protective bulb.
  • Boreal Face will be moving around the arena in the Counter-Clockwise pattern.
  • It will also be spawning Buds that will result spiked tendrils to go after the party members.
  • Follow Boreal Face around, using your weapons as your main attacks.
  • Use Cure Water if the party falls below 50% health.
  • It will take time, but Boreal Face will fall and you will get a Bow Orb!


Rewards Value
EXP 2245
GP 1040
  • Drops
    • Bow Orb


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