Claiming Pandorian Rewards is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


There are rewards that can be claimed from the King of Pandora. Since you have freed the people and proven to be a Knight of Mana, he is willing to offer these centuries old treasure for you.


  • Having saved the small Kingdom of Pandora, the party should return to the Castle.
  • Once inside the castle, make your way back to the Throne Room.
  • Talk with the King and he will open up the Treasury for the party to access.
  • In there are 6 chests.
  • 4 of the chests contain 50 GP while the remaining 2 have a Sword Orb and a Spear Orb.
  • With these in hand, it is time to head on.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Claiming Pandorian Rewards Video Walkthrough

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