Doom's Wall in Secret of Mana.

Doom's Wall is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


  • Central Eye
Stats Value
HP 1180
MP 99
Type Demon

Left/Right Eye

Stats Value
HP 425
MP 99
Type Demon

Fighting Doom's Wall[edit]

  • This fight is largely going to be like the previous wall fight, so focus your efforts on the central eye.
  • Use focused spellcasting with both Primm and Popoi using Salamando magic to do damage.
  • You can get better damage with Popoi using Airblast.
  • Be wary that the wall will attempt to use Leaden Gaze, slowing down whomever that spell hits.
  • The Wall will also be able to cast Thunderbolt, Revivifer, Cure Water, and a Confusion spell (Confusion Hoops).
  • Each of the eyes has its own HP and MP pool, but know that defeating the central eye will instantly kill the other 2.


Rewards Value
EXP 4750
GP 648
  • Drops
    • Whip Orb


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