Dragon Worm in Secret of Mana.

Dragon Worm is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 3525
MP 99
Type Dragon


Rewards Value
EXP 24290
GP 17460
  • Drops
    • Axe Orb

Battling Dragon Worm[edit]

  • The Dragon Worm will now attack the party.
  • Cast Thunder Saber on your weapons to do increased damage against.
  • Use Air Blast to do heavy damage against the Worm.
  • The Worm will be slithering from one side to the next, attacking the party as it does.
  • It has a Petrification Gas, turning the target into Stone.
  • It will move through the center of the area frequently, allowing the party time to attack it.
  • Use Popoi's Sylphid magic to do heavy damage to it frequently.
  • Keep on the move to avoid getting charged by it or falling vicitim to its bite attack.


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