Entering the Upperlands is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party is suggested to explore the Upperlands and help the Sprite recover their memory, finding their home once again.


Arrival in the Upper Lands[edit]

  • Head out of the Water Palace and to the Southeast.
  • Go over to the East and then turn North, back toward Potos Village.
  • Take the first East path you can.
  • This will quickly lead you to the local Cannon Travel Station.
  • Go and talk with teh Cannon Man to be shot to the Upper Lands.
  • When you land, you will do so in the clearing with a number of Moogles around.
  • Talk with any of them to learn that Pebblers have taken over their village.

Reaching the Moogle Village[edit]

  • You will arrive in the Winter section of the Great Forest of the Upper Lands.
  • Here, you will only have a few foes to fight, but they are higher level than most of what has been encountered before.
  • Head to the bottom left exit of the Winter area.
  • This will bring you into the Spring Section.
  • Here, you will encounter Steamed Crabs and Silktails.
  • Defeat a few of the enemies to get their entries.
  • From there, go over to the Eastern exit.
  • This leads into the Summer section of the Forest.
  • Turn to the Northwest and make your way over to the path there.
  • This will lead into the Moogle Village.
  • Inside this village, you will be confronted by 4 Pebblers.
  • Fight them using Spells and your choice of weapons.
  • Take your time engaging them carefully.
  • Watch your health and take care with the fight.

  • Once the fight is over, attempt to leave the area to bring the Moogles back to their town.
  • Head to the Top center section of the town to find a chest with Glove Orbs.
  • From there, go over to the right from there to find a second chest with an Axe Orb.
  • Collect both of these then visit Watts to upgrade what weapons you can.

Next Quest[edit]

Finding the Sprites' Village

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Freeing the Moogle Village Video Walkthrough

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