Finally Meeting Sage Joch is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


"The Imperial Spy is none other than a Dark Stalker impersonating the chancellor of the republic. Though the party manages to stop the spy, they cannot locate Joch. Yet again, they head back to the Lofty Mountains."


  • With the Dark Stalker defeated, the party needs to leave the castle and head back to the Lofty Mountains to check with the disciple Jehk.
  • Stop at the store to pick up the armor, Tortoise Mail and Gold Bracelet to add to your collection.
  • Once you have done that, exit the castle and use the Flammie Drum.
  • Go over to the nearby Lofty Mountains and climb your way up to the top one last time.
  • Talking with Jehk, you will learn that Sage Joch is mediating inside the mountain itself.
  • Jehk clears the path to allow the party access to the sage.

Next Quest[edit]

The Trial of Courage

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Finally Meeting Sage Joch Video Walkthrough

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