Finding the Sprites is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


After helping the Moogle Village, Popoi's missing memories suddenly return. The memories say that if the party goes through the Forest of Seasons from spring to winter, once they reach spring again, Popoi's village will appear...


  • Upgrade your weapons by talking with Watts in the Moogle Village.
  • Next it is time to head through the Great Forest.
  • To get to the Sprite Village, the party will need to go from Spring, to Summer, to Fall and finally Winter before returning to Spring.
  • Head over to the left, back one section into the Spring Portion of the Great Forest.
  • In the Spring section, you will encounter Silktails and Steamed Crabs.
  • The summer section has Water Bandit, and Silktails.
  • Exit this section to the Northeastern to reach the Fall Section.
  • In this section you will encounter Nemesis Owls and Water Bandits.
  • Exit the section to the Northwest to reach the Winter section.
  • You will find Steamed Crabs.
  • Head to the Southwest to reach the exit to return to Spring.
  • Done properly, you will get a notice that a sound was heard to the right.
  • This is signaling the entrance to the Sprite Village has opened.
  • Head to the right and through the newly available Northern path.
  • This will bring the party into the Sprite Village.
  • Go North through the village and onto the next screen.
  • Here you will find Spring Beak and must face it.

Fighting Spring Beak[edit]

  • Spring Beak will immediately start jumping around.
  • It can easily be targeted, and quickly killed with Earth Slides.
  • It will frequently cast Air Slash, Thunderbolt, Confusion, and Balloon.
  • It will jump around and peak at whoever is in range.
  • Equipping weapons like the Javelin, Long Bow, and any form of Boomerang.
  • Ranged weapons and frequent spells will make very fast work of this foe.

Next Quest[edit]

Find the Sprites

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Freeing the Moogle Village Video Walkthrough

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