Fire Gigas in Secret of Mana.

Fire Gigas is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 750
MP 99
Type Spirit

Fighting Fire Gigas[edit]

  • Fire Gigas will likely begin the fight be turning into a mass of fireballs.
  • Immediately run away from them, going around to the opposite side of the room.
  • Throughout the fight, watch your party's health. Immediately use Cure Water when most of the party is at 50% or less health.
  • Wait until the Gigas reforms its down.
  • Use your Undine magic then to cast Ice Saber on the party with Primm and Freeze on the Fire Gigas.
  • With rapid casting of Lv. 1 Freeze, this will be a very easy fight.
  • Mix in weapon and charged attacks to make short work of this opponent.
  • Just be sure to run anytime it becomes a mass of fireballs, it is invulnerable during this time.


Rewards Value
EXP 326
GP 435
  • Drops
    • Axe Orb


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