Frost Gigas in Secret of Mana.

Frost Gigas is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1140
MP 99
Type Ghost

Fighting the Frost Gigas[edit]

  • This will put the party against the Frost Gigas.
  • Naturally, the party is going to want Flame Saber cast on them.
  • After that, use the fire spells available to both Popoi and Primm.
  • Be aware that Frost Gigas can cast Ice Saber on the party to reduce damage.
  • It can also cast Freeze at lv. 6.
  • Just like the Fire Gigas, the Frost Gigas can become motes of frost energy.
  • This can freeze those it touches, so keep some distance and remember it is immune to damage at this time.
  • Attack with your weapons and heavily use magic here.
  • Strong Salamando spells will make quick work of this boss.
  • You are rewarded with a Boomerang Orb for your efforts!


Rewards Value
EXP 3045
GP 1200
  • Drops
    • Boomerang Orb


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