Hydra in Secret of Mana.

Hydra is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 4058
MP 99
Type Lizard
  • Fire Breath - Can set targets ablaze.
  • Current - Can poison those it hits.
  • Is weak to Salamando


Rewards Value
EXP 12439
GP 3600
  • Drops
    • Whip Orb


Fighting the Hydra[edit]

  • The party is now face to face with the Hydra.
  • This enemy is weak to Salamando, so equip your shortcut with those spells.
  • Cast Flame Saber on the party and start attacking the Boss.
  • When reduced to around half health, the Hydra will lose one its two heads.
  • Refresh your Magic with a Faerie Walnut as needed to loose a barrage of magic to quickly defeat the first boss.

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