Lime Slime in Secret of Mana.

Lime Slime is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 3470
MP 99
Type Slime

Fighting the Lime Slime[edit]

  • The Lime Slime fills most of the screen but cannot hurt you with physical contact.
  • Begin by using Analyzer to learn the weakness, HP and MP of the Lime Slime.
  • You will want to cast Flame Saber on the party.
  • After that, start using the Salamando attack magic to lay down a barrage of damage on the Lime Slime.
  • Use Fireball and both attack spells Blaze Wall and Fire Bouquet from Primm.
  • Do pay attention to the color of the Slime, because it can shift the elemental weakness of it.
  • Just keep up the barrage of spells and you will claim victory and be taken to another part of the Palace.


Rewards Value
EXP 8000
GP 3000
  • Drops
    • Javelin Orb


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