Mantis Ant in Secret of Mana.

Mantis Ant is a Boss in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
Hit Points 150
Magic Points 10
Type Insect


  • Swipe
  • Pounce
  • Wind Cutters (Ranged)

Elements: Gnome Lv. 0

  • Acid Breath
  • Gem Missile

Battle Notes[edit]

  • The Boy cannot die during this fight.
  • Gemma will revive Randi if he falls.
  • Use your Level 1 Sword attacks for heavy damage.
  • Because Randi cannot die, save your Candies and do not use them during the fight.
  • Mantis Ant only has a few attacks and 2 spells.
  • Jog around the boss and wait for it to attack.
  • While it is attacking, Randi should move in and attack the boss from behind.
  • From its standing position, it can use 2 attacks.
  • These attacks are a Swipe Attack and a ranged Wind Cutter attack.
  • It can jump high up and then perform one of its melee attacks.
  • Mantis Ant knows 2 spells, Acid Splash and Gem Missile.
  • Acid splash does low damage, but has a slight chance to poison Randi.
  • Gem Missile does moderate damage.



  • 30 XP
  • 100 GP

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