Mech Rider 2 in Secret of Mana.

Mech Rider 2 is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1258
MP 30
Type Metallic

Fighting Mech Rider 2[edit]

  • This will bring you into the second fight with the Mech Rider.
  • You will immediately need to deal with the Mech Rider, which likely starts on the Eastern end of the walkway you are on.
  • It will frequently cast Speed Up on itself.
  • You can use Slow Down to counter that spell and keep the Mech Rider easy to hit.
  • Just like the previous encounter, it will fire off Missiles at those party members nearby.
  • The Rider can also charge around and knock out anyone who gets in front of it.
  • Frequently use your attack magic to get some high damage in on the Rider.
  • Watch your party's health becuase of the damage the Rider can do with its ram or missiles.
  • It does have a new attack: Wave Beam.
  • This attack covers most of the area when used.
  • Take your time with the fight and you will find victory.


Rewards Value
EXP 6013
GP 1500
  • Drops
    • Javelin's Orbs


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