Metal Mantis in Secret of Mana.

Metal Mantis is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 1220
MP 40
Type Metallic/Insect
  • Gem Missile Lv. 6
  • Can cast the unique spell Fire Beam, which can cause Ablaze
  • Claws can knock unconscious
  • Will jump around to land on party members
  • You will immediately be in conflict with the Metal Mantis.
  • Immediately start casting attack spells.
  • Use Air Blast or Thunderbolt to do heavy damage against the Mantis.
  • Have Primm enchant your weapons with the Thunder Saber.
  • Always aim to hit the back of the thorax on the Mantis.
  • The AI party members will do a good job of distracting the Mantis, causing it to block and defend against those attacks.
  • Just keep a moderately aggressive assault on the Mantis.
  • Keep to light magic usage here, there is a lot yet to come in this dungeon.


Rewards Value
EXP 4749
GP 1464
  • Drops
    • Glove's Orb


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