Missing Sage Joch is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party obtains the power of light from the elemental Lumina. However, they still cannot locate Sage Joch. Once again, the party heads for the Lofty Mountains.


  • With Lumina added into your party, either head back through the now empty palace or use the Magic Rope to quickly leave the palace.
  • Summon Flammie with its drum and make your way back to the Lofty Mountains.
  • Follow the path to the right and up to the top of the mountain again.
  • Go inside and talk with Jehk once again.
  • You have missed the sage once again.
  • This time the sage has apparently gone to the Moon Palace found in the Northern portion of the Kakkara Desert.

Next Quest[edit]

The Moon Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Missing Sage Joch Video Walkthrough