Reaching the Northtown Ruins is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi learn more about what's happened to Dyluck and Pamaela from Krissie, the leader of the resistance against the empire. The party decides to look for clues to their whereabouts in the Northtown Ruins.


  • Inside the Resistance base, you will immediately begin a conversation with Krissie, the leader.
  • She explains that someone named Dyluck (and from the villagers you will hear about Pamaela).
  • Head up to the Northern door to exit this room.
  • Go on up the stairs and over to the East, and take the stairs upwards.
  • In the next room, go over to the East and then take the stairs on the Eastern side downward, nearby where you find the little girl.
  • This leads to the front of the cafe where the Resistance base hides.
  • Head on out the Southern door.
  • Welcome to Northtown properly.
  • Over to the East from the "Cafe" in Northtown is the Item Store.
  • Go inside here and pick up the Tiger Cap, [[Secret of Mana: Tiger Suit|Suit, and Tiger Two-Piece as well as replenishing your supplies.
  • Re-equipped, head over to the West and then make your way to the North from the Cafe.
  • From there, turn to the East and follow the walkway there to the North to arrive at the Northtown Ruins.

Next Quest[edit]

The Northtown Ruins

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Reaching the Northtown Ruins

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