Rescue Undine is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Despite defeating Spikey Tiger, the party is too late to stop the witch from sending Dyluck to the mysterious Thanatos. Primm decides to stay with Randi and Popoi. Suddenly, they receive an urgent message from Luka begging them to return to the Water Palace.


Reaching Undine[edit]

  • With the warning that the barrier protecting the Mana Sprite, Undine has broken, the party must go rescue her.
  • Exit from the Water Palace and head over to the East, following the creek.
  • When you arrive on the next screen, you will need to fight 3 Iffish.
  • Take your time defeating them to save on items, you have a boss fight coming up.
  • Head into the top right waterfall to find Undine's Cave.
  • 3 more Iffish await the party in this first chamber.
  • Defeat them and continue North.
  • This will lead to the next room with an egg in the middle of it.
  • Wait a moment and the Tonpole will hatch from it.
  • This first form boss is very easy. It can only hit people by jumping into them.
  • Move around and encircle it, attacking frequently.
  • When it has taken enough damage, it will morph into its second form, the Biting Lizard.
  • This lizard can do 2 things: Eat party members and heal itself.
  • Keep the attacks coming, using charged attacks from a distance as best you can.
  • If someone charging an attack is eaten, keep holding the attack button or else you will lose what charge you built up.
  • Be sure the AI controlled characters are set to attack the same enemy as you as well.
  • Watch your party's health since Biting Lizard eating people does high damage.
  • Defeating the Biting Lizard will open a door in the top right part of the room.
  • Enter this newly revealed room.
  • Go to the top part of this room to meet Undine and talk with her.
  • Undine will reward the party with her magic and the Pole Dart, the final weapon type of the game.

Next Quest[edit]

The Underground Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Rescue Undine Video Walkthrough

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