Return to the Water Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The person behind the witch's tricks and the problems in Pandora is none other than the imperial general, Thanatos. Gemma says the the empire is trying to break the seals on all the Mana Seeds hidden in palaces throughout the world. Randi returns to the Water Palace to protect its Mana Seed.


  • Having defeated Wall Face, go through the doorway to the North.
  • Head up the stairs and talk with Thanatos again.
  • He will ultimately vanish, taking Pamaela and Dyluck with him.
  • Go down the stairs and talk with Gemma in the bottom right part of the room.
  • He will tell you that he will be headed to the Underground Palace and that the party should return to the Water Palace to speak with Sage Luka again.

  • Make your way back to Pandora from the ruins.
  • There is a new armor shop open just South of the castle, Northeast of where you exit the Ruins.
  • From there, head to the Northern exit of Pandora.
  • Go North and into the path to make your way from Pandora to the Water Palace.
  • Fight on through the Lullabuds, Rabites,
  • Go across the first two bridges, then look along the Northern side of the path.
  • You will see a small yellow thing, go over to it and step on it.
  • It will launch the whole party up onto the ledge above you.
  • Defeat the Rabite and then cut through the plants in your way.
  • Head up the road to the North and then over to the West just past the road sign.
  • Go across the next bridge to the West and then head to the North.
  • Head to the Northeast, along the path, fighting through the Lullabuds and Rabites.
  • From there, just contine to the North to make it to the Water Palace itself.
  • Go into the palace and head all the way to the back where you will find Luka.

Next Quest[edit]

Return to Underground Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Return to the Water Palace Video Walkthrough

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